My Shower Playlist

10 songs: Perfect for those post-workout showers & “it was a long day” bubble baths.

  1. Mr. Brightside- The Killers To make you feel like an angsty teen again.
  2. Rockstar- Nickelback No one has to know you still listen to Nickelback.
  3. 400 Lux- Lorde Lorde reminds us how badass we can (pretend to) be.
  4. Holy Ground- Taylor Swift A little Taylor is good for the soul.
  5. Clothes Off!- Gym Class Heroes Hitting the high chorus is a must.
  6. Louise- Mipso I’m no hipster, but sometimes I pretend in the shower.
  7. Little Talks- Nico & Vinz Overall a great song to belt out.
  8. Chances- Five For Fighting What’s alone time without a mid-life crisis?
  9. Beachin’- Jake Owen Trust me, you need this virtual vacation.
  10. Piano Man- Billy Joel Some practice for when this is played at the bars this weekend.

Have any to add?! Comment below! 🙂



8 thoughts on “My Shower Playlist

  1. angmamangenhinyero says:

    Mr. Brightside and Rockstar are on my playlist as well. Not in the shower though 😀

    I just can’t understand why they hate Nickelback that much…

    Nice blog you got here by the way and thank you for leaving a comment on my site…

    Liked by 1 person

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