My Painting Process (or lack thereof)

Most people look at a blank canvas and start to worry. They run through calculations and diagrams in their mind, smudging their eraser across the once-white surface, falling deeper into self-consciousness and worry than before they began.

Do not be like this, friends. Create things and make art without the hesitation that you might make a mistake. Have confidence in the fact that you are making something beautiful and unique, and it will be a work in progress for as long as you want it to be.

Today I shall take you through the process of a sporadic painter, arriving at a finished product that was not preconceived or expected in the least.

I began by priming the canvas with acrylic gesso. I use it on all my pieces, and love the texture it creates and the vibrancy it gives to the paint.


Next, I chose whatever colors caught my eye first, and mixed them in my plastic pallet. Anything goes at this point, and clouds were the first thing to come to my mind. I created them using different shades to add depth, mixing in hues randomly.


After that, I decided to add more color. Starting first with a small amount of yellow, blending in white as I went.


Bam. Then I got colorful, stretching the color out among the clouds and adding soft pinks.

As I got further into my sky image, I blended lighter blues around the edges so the yellow and pink were still prominent and maintained their desired effect.


I finished it with a circular strokes of paint that I mixed with a gel medium which creates a transparency in the color as it is painted onto the canvas. This was to give the top portion of the piece a “dreamlike” feel, and not distract from the bold colors on the southern portion of the canvas.


Voila! My cloudy dreamland piece can be found on my Etsy shop PaintingCheerful. Hope you enjoyed my chaotic painting process.