My Unfinished Apartment Wall

I live with two of my best friends in an apartment downtown. Because of these wonderful women I can easily see why college is often considered the best 4 years of your life. Together we have learned to cook, clean, and conquer the seemingly scary feat that is living on one’s own. This apartment has truly begun to feel like my real home, and I refuse to think about the day we will have to leave this place for good.


I am a Minnesota native, along with one of my roommates. There is a peculiar pride that all Minnesotans seem to possess, along with the uncanny ability to survive in sub-zero temperatures. Also, “Minnesota Nice” is a very real thing.


Of course, all the roomies must be represented in our home decor. Our third roommate is from Illinois, and she is one of the few residents that honestly admits she originates from a suburb of Chicago, and not the actual city. Bless her heart.


Although we come from different places, we share a common home: Omaha! This city represents many fond memories, personal growth, and possibilities. Featured on this canvas is the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, where you can stand in two states simultaneously!


Art inspired by an Omaha Snapchat filter.

In addition to these pieces of geographic wall art, I made a couple filler canvases. These are the result of absent-minded afternoons spent painting with no end product in mind.



As you may have noticed in the first picture, there is one blank canvas in the middle of the collage. I have not decided what to do with it, and for now that’s just fine.